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Step #1
Your 1st Step towards creating a $150/Day stream of income is to join the highest paying and most reliable PTC website below. This will be where your income will come from so you need to make sure to sign up!
Step #2
Login To Your Paidvertz Account Daily!
Once you've signed up with Paidverts, you'll need to get in the regular routine of logging into your account everyday and clicking as many links as you can. This alone will give you the starting cash to help you with Step 3. Keep clicking and participating in Surveys daily.
Step #3
Setup Your Viral Downline Booster
The 3rd component of my $150/Day system is my viral marketing system. This tool will be responsible for building the bulk of your daily income. 

Here's what you need to do to setup your Viral Marketing System.

Step 1: Signup For Your FREE ViralTrafficRush Account

You'll need to setup your FREE VTR account which will take you no more than a few minutes of your time. To signup, you'll be required to visit 7 different sites and then fill out your login information.

Step 2: Setup Your Useclix on VTrafficRush

After you've signed up with VTraffic Rush, you'll need to create an ad. 

First, you're going to need to grab your Paidverts Affiliate Link and a banner.

You can grab your Paidverts Affiliate link from the Account Summary page that you see after you login to your Member's area.

Here's an example of what your Paidverts Affiliate Link should look like:

You can so by logging into your Paidverts account and clicking the Affiliate >> Banners section in the menu.

Here's the link/url of the banner that I recommend that you use:

Do you have both your Paidverts Affiliate Link and Banner?

Good, now we can proceed to setting up your Viral Downline Booster.

Login to your VTrafficRush Member's Area

Once you've logged in, look on the left side menu and find the "Create an Ad". Click it.

You'll see a form...

Fill in the Title with whatever you want. 

In the Link to Banner section, enter the link for the Paidverts Banner that you just found.

In the Link To Site, enter your Paidverts Affiliate Link.

Click save.

That's it!

You're almost done! 

Step #4
Start Sending People To Your Viral Booster!
Now that you have everything setup properly, you'll need to login to your VTrafficRush account one more time and Click the "Referral Links" button on the left menu.
From there, you'll need to grab your referral link. This is your Viral Downline Booster link and you'll need to save it in a place you can always get it because it's the key to this entire system!
Your VDB Link will look like this:
This is the link that you'll need to start sending people to!
You see the majority of your Income will come from getting referrals into your Paidverts Downline and there is no way to do this then to send people to your Viral Downline Booster link.
Each time that you send somebody to your VTrafficRush link, they will see your Paidverts banner.
They can do one of 2 things after they visit your Viral Downline Booster, either they click your Paidverts Bannernd join under you or they signup for their very own VTrafficRush account which means that your Paidverts Banner will be displayed whenever they send someone to their own VTrafficRush Link.
Do you see the power of this?
You can leverage every person that you send to your Viral Booster Link to either make you money with your Paidverts Account or they can start working for you sending you boat loads of people to signup under your Paidverts account.
It's truly an amazing thing that you'll soon see will build your Paidverts Income super fast!
Don't know how to send people to your Viral Booster Link?
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